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Minutes for the Montana Airport Management Association

Spring MAMA/Annual Meeting

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March 4, 2021

CALL TO ORDER – 10:03 a.m.

MAMA President Jeff Kadlec called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m.



Shane Ketterling moved to approve the minutes; Brian Sprenger seconded. The minutes were approved as presented.




Ian McKay presented current year to date financials to the membership.


Checking:  $2,472.55

Savings:  $0.00

Money Market:  $61,957.14

Total Assets:  $64,429.69




Shane Ketterling updated the membership on the internship program. The membership was encouraged to make use of the program.


TSA NA-20-02 – 10:30 a.m.


Mark Heisey presented the history and context of the TSA-mandated mask policy for transportation hubs. Airlines have been taking more stringent measures even prior to the introduction of the policy. The expectation is that bona-fide enforcement will not be required or expected because of a good faith public effort to comply. The only circumstance where penalties would be assessed is if a situation escalates to disorderly conduct and local law enforcement gets involved.


Erick Byczynski presented the aviation workers screening policy history and intent. Discussions began with an introduction into the proposed national amendment policy. The membership was advised that TSA and received and heard comments made by Montana airports and appropriate legal review at the federal level will take place. After a thorough review of the comments received nationally, TSA will decide on whether to rescind or approve the amendment.




Tom Ebzery provides his personal background and an update on the current/upcoming legislative session. The most recent issues addressed by Mr. Ebzery were the state aviation fuel tax increase and policy regarding the two mill tax levy. The state capital has become progressive during COVID by standing up a thorough capability for streaming all sessions and committee meetings and also by enforcing the state mask policy.


Brian Ellestad discussed the push to expand the film credit program as the TV series Yellowstone has used up most of the credits that were available.




Marc McKee provided a briefing on a new program being proposed by MDT regarding airport/aviation webcams that offer online live feeds. A demonstration of Alaska, Colorado, and Hawaii’s respective systems was provided. MDT has three systems ordered for a few of the state airports and is seeking to acquire more. As it stands, Hawaii has implemented 23 of these systems with Alaska at 112. These systems also provide AWOS capabilities. The State is moving forward with the initiative and is inviting airports to participate in the program. MDT will assist with providing installation and support services.


2021 AIRLINE RENDEVOUZ – 11:07 a.m.


John Faulkner will be hosting the rendezvous on September 14 for a welcome reception. “speed dating” for the airports will occur the next morning at GTF. Save-the-dates have been submitted to the airlines with Alaska airlines responding so far. Mr. Faulkner asks that the membership reach out to any business or organization that would be interested in assisting with sponsoring the event.




Jeff Kadlec (WYS) – Very optimistic since adding a second carrier and route with UA going to DEN with the existing DL service to SLC. They are transitioning from an environmental assessment to terminal design to replace the existing terminal building which was constructed in the ‘60s.  A PAPI replacement for Runway 01 is underway and they are looking at a winter operations feasibility study to examine extending or expanding to year-round service. The airport is following state guidance as required. Down 64% compared to 2019 PAX.


Ian McKay (GPI) – Spoke of additional air service announcements for this year including Jet Blue and Sun Country as well as more routes on American and Alaska. The terminal project is kicking off this Spring and the focus is on ensuring smooth summer operations.


Pam Chamberlin (BTM) – Advised there is no news on additional air service to the airport and introduced the new Assistant Airport Manager, Rick Ryan.


Lucas Locke (GGW) – Advised of a minor electrical update to the REILs along with improvements to the runway and a master plan study.


Shane Ketterling (BIL) – Major terminal updates including new gates, a restaurant, new jet bridges, and a gift shop. The car rental and concessions agreements are up so they are undergoing a renewal process. They have experienced lots of interest in hangar development and are announcing new G4 service to Portland.


Brian Sprenger (BZN) – COVID had an immediate impact on the airport. They have leased about 60 acres of land for over 20 hangars; all GA development. They opened a new terminal concourse addition and added a third food and beverage concessionaire. They have not had a single employee COVID transmission occur at the airport. Major air service updates include a 50% increase over the record in 2019 of seats available. This is concerning because the opening of a concourse expansion, proving a capacity increase of 50% will already be met. They will be watching load factors closely which are at 60% currently.


Jeff Wadekamper (HLN) – Just finishing up an expansion of the fire training center. The big item is a primary runway rehab coming up this summer. They will only be fully closed for 8 days. Other runways will still be used by GA traffic, but no commercial air service. They are also experiencing a huge run on hangar development with several leases approved. They are doing a major remodel to the existing CBP building and working on a power resiliency project. Unlike other Airport Authorities in Montana, they are renewing their airport authority resolution which is on a 10-year timeline.


Cris Jensen (MSO) – expresses thanks to everyone for the experiences and the memories he had while working as an airport manager in Montana.


Brian Ellestad (MSO) – Should be in the new terminal in one year which adds four gates with an additional four ground boarding spots. Opening bids for a new exit plaza. Trying to keep head above water this summer.


John Faulkner (GTF) – No major construction boom on hangars or a terminal like the other airports have. They will be expanding the de-icing ramp, increasing remote parking for RONs and looking at a lobby expansion in the building which will provide more space for circulation.




Jeff Kadlec expresses thanks to the membership and to Cris Jensen for his service to Montana airports.


Steve Englebrecht advises that grant offers will be coming in soon electronically. Part 139 airports should be advised that general grants will come before concessions grants. Steve Englebrecht is the acting manager of the Helena ADO. If airports are currently working with Mat, you will see other folks getting involved since Mat is now in Seattle.


Next meeting will be the fall meeting and will be announced when appropriate.




ADJOURNED – 11:40 p.m.


MAMA President Jeff Kadlec adjourned the meeting at 11:40 a.m.

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