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Minutes for the Montana Airport Management Association 

Annual Meeting  

Missoula, MT 

Montana State Aviation Conference 

March 1, 2018 


MAMA President Scott Humphrey called the meeting to order at 3:47 p.m. and introduced members of the board including himself, Brian Ellestad– Vice President, Jeff Kadlec –Secretary/Treasurer, Shane Ketterling – Vice President, Class C, not present, and Lucas Locke – GA Airports Representative.   


Brian Sprenger – Motioned  

Jeff Wadekamper – Seconded  

All Board members voted unanimously, the motion carried  




Jeff Kadlec presented current year to date financials to the membership. 


Checking:  $3,022.51 

Savings:  $2,165.39 

Money Market:  $63,831.08 

Total Assets:  $69,018.98 


Pam Chamberlin – Motioned  

Brian Sprenger – Seconded  

All Board members voted unanimously, the motion carried 








Scott Humphrey provides background on Joel Benson (MAMA scholarship recipient).  Brian Sprenger also adds comments to Joel’s achievements during his tenure at Bozeman Airport. 


Open discussion was had with the membership on the overall Internship/Scholarship Program.  Due to the lack of applicants/interest in the scholarship side of the program the Board recommended dissolving the Scholarship portion and increase the Internship Assistance portion from two $3,500 awards to two $5,000 awards.  The internship assistance program has been utilized well and appears to have a healthy future.   


Rob Ratkowski – Motioned  

Jeff Wadekamper - Seconded 




Scott Humphrey provides background on situation at Federal level.  MAMA’s position is to let it lie and stay neutral and monitor.   


Question from the audience asking what are other State Airport Manager Associations doing?  Additional discussion. 


Tabled.  No vote was had.   




Scott Humphrey provides background on AAAE ASOS Course.  BZN intends to host the two day event May 8th and May 9th.  They currently have 14 people attending and have room for approximately 12 more.  Some discussion between Rob Ratkowski and Brian Sprenger as to whether to charge $400 per person or possible have MAMA sponsor around $5,000.  More back and forth discussion with Jeff Wadekamper, Rob Ratkowski, and Scott Humphrey.   


The consensus was not to have MAMA sponsor the event.  No vote or motion required. 




Brian Ellestad and Cris Jensen discuss program.  Jeff Wadekamper states that one of his Board Members is the PIO for Department of Corrections and he could ask for more information.  Scott Humphrey explains the program at a very high level to the membership.   


Rob Ratkowski recommends $5,000 for Real ID. 


Rob Ratkowski – Motioned  

Cris Jensen – Seconded  





4:14pm – Lucas Locke provided overall airport update for Glasgow. 


4:15pm – Pam Chamberlin mentions new terminal project at Butte. 


4:16pm – Brian Sprenger provides overall airport update for Bozeman.  New parking garage is huge.  April 30th – May 13th Runway Rehab.  Working on architect selection for new concourse for 2019. 


4:17pm – Stevensville overall airport update. 


4:23pm – Rob Ratkowski provides overall airport update for Kalispell.  Mentions almost hitting 300,000 enplanements.  


4:25pm – Cris Jensen provides overall airport update for Missoula.  New terminal slated for completion by 2022.  Current terminal facility is 70 years old.  June enplanements were up 26%.  AOPA Fly-In June 14th and 15th at MSO. 


4:29pm – Brian Ellestad mentions first Montana Airline Rendezvous Event at Paws Up in May.  More opportunity for airport sponsors to sit-down with airlines one on one. 


4:31pm – Scott Humphrey adds comments about Airline Rendezvous.  Mentions it might be a good idea to get the airline decision makers to Montana every year.  The meetings on 5/31 are open at no charge to anyone that would like to partake.  The dinners will have a cost.  


4:34pm – Jeff Wadekamper provides overall general update for HLN.  2019 or 2020 they will do a rehab project for RMESTC.  The Salt Lake City ARFF Training Facility is planning on closing down this year.  Kelly Tuck is the new Director of RMESTC. 


4:38pm – Jeff Kadlec provides overall update for Yellowstone Airport.  Currently working on a Terminal Area Narrative Report.  First airport hangar to be finished this spring.  Wrapping up Taxiway/Apron rehab project.   


4:40pm – ACDBE concerns were discussed.  Scott addresses challenges with FAA in Los Angeles on getting DBE plans approved. 


4:43pm – Brian Ellestad invites membership to Neptune Hangar for MMI/MAMA Reception.   




MAMA President Scott Humphrey adjourned the meeting at 4:47pm.   

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